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We are a bespoke bike store located on greenwich high street we are well known for our family friendly bikes and gear

What we offer


Founder and owner

Meet Jeffrey, the visionary founder of "spoke and saddle ." With a passion for cycling and a dream of creating a community hub for bike enthusiasts, Jeffrey turned hes love into a thriving business. Committed to sustainability and quality service, he’s peddling towards a greener, healthier future, one bike at a time.


Store Manager

As the dedicated store manager at "Andrew brings expertise and enthusiasm to every customer interaction. With a deep knowledge of bikes and accessories, Andrew ensures a seamless shopping experience. His commitment to customer satisfaction and cycling expertise makes spoke and saddles the ultimate destination for biking enthusiasts.


Floor Staff

Introducing Tobi, our knowledgeable floor staff at "spoke and saddles." With a deep love for cycling and a keen eye for detail, tobi ensures every customer finds the perfect ride. From tire pressure tips to the latest gear recommendations, his expertise and friendly demeanor make shopping at Velocity Wheels an enjoyable experience.

How to find us


Greenwich - Great Russell

St, London WC1B 3DG


Monday - Friday 07: 30 - 17:30

Monday - Friday 07: 30 - 17:30

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Tel: +44 7323 8299

E-mail: welcome@spokeandsaddles

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