June 1977 was the release date of the Apple 2 it was a time when a lot of people started their computer journey in today money the base model of the Apple 2 was 4,000, and top of the line spec cost 11,000. Instead of you to get a (GUI) graphical user interface you got a (CLI) command line interface it was a place where you can type commands or access utilities which is a program on the computer directly by text. It’s still alive and well today we can access it on our computer. When you were on the apple 2 if you wanted to move around your file and your folders and you wanted to access your files you had to use (CLI)

wherever you hear the word terminal It just means a place where you can type commands that cause actions,

Here are some of the commands use to navigate through terminal.

(pwd: print working directory) shows where you are just means a folder on your computer and also it can show you the full path.

(mkdir) make directory whitch means create a folder

(cd) change directory move to a different folder

(touch) create a file

In the beginning of school primary school I would buy some floppy disk I had like 3 floppy disk every time I had a certain amount of work written up I would save it to the floppy disk, and I would save it to another floppy disk I had two separate floppy disk that had backup of my document

eventually as progressed to secondary school I will switch from floppy disk to USB sticks and I will always carry two USB sticks with the lanyard, and I would back up my word document my essay on two USB sticks every single time because I was paranoid that something would happen to the power would go out I would lose all my work and

I got to college I didn’t really need to use flash drive or floppy disk I moved on to the elite way in backing up. my essays for my word documents do you know How I backup my essays I will email it to my self every five paragraph I will save the word document and email it to my self if I wanted to do a group project I would save my essay and email it to them they would make their changes in a different colour and if I wanted to I can Merage the changes

 snapshot  means backup just means you would always have a back-up of your work

If I just went on tangent on my  essay get into like a really weird argument what could and I hate the argument that I made in my essay I will just go two email back grab that copy download it and start all over again this process of saving my essay emailing it to my self having the ability to roll back to previous versions of the essay being able to share those changes with others is something that I did because I was paranoid about losing my work or I wanted to work with others or I wanted the ability to roll back to a previous version of my essay

this is a very simple version of what we call version control and git solves this problem not for your word doc but for your code git gives you the ability to make save points I would love to be able to come back to this point in time and use the code that I have written then I would also be able to take these save points and maybe put them on a service like GitHub so I can share my current code with everyone

so this idea of me backing and saving my work was my early rudimentary version of version control and that’s all git is it just solves this problem of needing backups the ability to roll back to previous versions to then eventually be able to take snapshots of where we are

version control system is a really fancy term for tracking changes to your code that you make or other people on your team make it enables you to take snapshots with just save points

lets say you was writing your code and you got lost and you want crazy with it, you wrote a lot of code that didn’t make sense and you said to your self I should have never done this WHAT WAS I THINKING  instead of having to do command z x 4 you can just rollback to one of your snapshot

you can create branches, lets say you like where you are at lest create a specific branch where I can just go down this wild rabbit hole and if I don’t like it I can just go back to the other branch that I was on

git gives you the ability to create snapshots that you can either rollback to or that you can use a bunch of other features to make it easier for you to take risks to do things that we might not feel comfortable doing to experiment and knowing  that you are not going to mess everything up

There are many ways to install git if you have a mac there’s no need but if you are on window you just need to download gitbash if you’re on certain operating systems it comes installed

Some people enjoy using Homebrew as an add-on to there git. Homebrew is what we call package manager its a really easy way to install applications on your computer from there you then can install applications on your computer without going to a website you dont have to unzip it you dont have to run executable. home brew is for mac OS but there are plenty of package managers for windows & linux if you ever need to install anything you dont need to go to the internet and install stuff all you need to do is (brew install firefox) you can also update your current file on brew

Once installed it would show that every commit that you make is identifiable to you and if you are working with other engineers it’ll show that they made the commits (snapshots)